Which netlinking market platform allows to buy links for 2022?

If you own a site and are looking to improve its ranking in search results, you know that buying links is usually crucial. However, choosing the best netlinking platform that meets your needs is not easy, especially with the variety of options available for sale. Here is a quick overview of the 11 best netlinking platforms that will help you make the best choice.

Why buy links on a netlinking platform?

Buying links on a netlinking platform offers many advantages for your business:

ensures better SEO positioning: SEO is built on three factors starting with the popularity of your website. This depends on the quantity and quality of links pointing to your site. A netlinking strategy is beneficial for the natural referencing of your site and allows you to obtain a better ranking on the SERPs of Google, that is to say to increase your ranking in search engines and on the Internet.

Reduce the time spent: Getting good links takes a lot of time and effort. In some cases, it is necessary to establish a network of partners who will handle the process of building backlinks for your website. Buying links will allow you to reach your goals faster without the tedious tasks required. You won’t have to trade or negotiate with other users to increase your visibility.

Improve your productivity: Link building is a task in itself. To focus on your core business, it’s okay to buy links. This will allow you to increase your visibility and efficiency by delegating this task.

The 3 Most Effective Platforms for Building Links on the Internet


NextLevel.link provides a database of keywords that allow companies to benefit from an excellent return on investment thanks to a well referenced site.

Benefits : NextLevel offers you websites based on the keywords you select. This is an excellent way to benefit from a link already placed on powerful thematic sites. This will allow you to increase your visibility in a short time. To continuously improve your ranking, NextLevel regularly adds new themes and listings in Google.

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Benefits : the results can quickly exceed your expectations, which can be very addictive.


Submitting.fr provides a variety of services, including writing articles and publishing them on many influential websites.

Benefits Submit.fr offers packages designed to meet your budget and requirements. The links you buy come from a variety of sources, including blogs and high-traffic websites. To maximize your visibility, select the websites on which you want to buy links. You can also ask for priority, if necessary. However, this incurs an additional charge.

Benefits : Submitter.com is often subject to delivery delays due to its success.

Rocket Links

RocketLinks offers a variety of content ranging from SEO to reputation marketing to qualified traffic.

AdvantagesThisplatform is partially free. This allows you to evaluate its performance without obligation. Using RocketLinks is also a great option to post on various well-known websites and increase visibility. Moreover, it has an easy to use interface. For the dofollow part, it constantly makes sure your link is up.

Negative points : Its catalog is not updated frequently. Therefore, it is possible that some spots are available on other platforms but are not listed on this site. However, the list of options is still quite large.