The essential software to secure your web browsing

The Internet has made it possible to interconnect computers around the world through a universal network. Every day an astronomical amount of data is exchanged via this network. It doesn’t just have advantages. Indeed, the Internet network is also used by hackers to spread viruses as well as malicious programs. These computer threats are intended to cause the computer system of the devices they infect to malfunction, but are also used by hackers to gain access to the contents of your computer and to steal your personal and confidential information. It is therefore necessary to take adequate security measures to make your web browsing safer to prevent this. The best way to do this is to install antivirus software and antimalware software. Often confused, these two software have different but complementary roles.

Viruses and malware

Viruses and malware are computer threats to be distinguished from each other. Viruses are indeed programs whose purpose is to infect a computer or computer device to alter the code sequences of the installed software and the data it contains. This not only causes malfunctions within the system but can also corrupt your data thus rendering it unusable.

Malware, on the other hand, are programs used by computer hackers to steal the personal data and confidential information of the user of a computer device (passwords, credit card number, etc.), thus allowing them to hack accounts. , but also to make purchases on behalf of the victims. Some malware even allows hackers to interact with the infected computer device remotely.

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The usefulness of anti-malware software

An anti-malware provides protection against various computer hacks. Malware infects a computer or computer system by hiding in harmless-looking software. The malware therefore only manifests itself when the host program is installed. Anti-malware software is designed to detect, neutralize and remove malware from a computer system. Antimalware uses certain analysis processes used by antiviruses, but has additional functionalities allowing them to neutralize and eradicate more dangerous computer threats such as malware. Hence the importance of not confusing them with simple antivirus software.

The usefulness of anti-virus software

Viruses infect a computer during a data transfer. Whether when downloading online or when using local storage media. Antiviruses can detect and remove viruses during these data transfers. It is also used to decontaminate an already infected computer device. The antivirus uses two methods for this. The first is to compare the computer code of the transferred or affected data with a database listing virus-specific code sequences. The second method consists in analyzing the behavior of the various files concerned in an environment controlled by the antivirus. The best antiviruses combine these two processes to ensure optimal protection. Indeed, the first method can be easily circumvented by different processes. For example by simply compressing the infected files.