How to improve your SEO by buying links

What is Netlinking?

Netlinking refers to all the links from external sites that point to a website. A Netlinking strategy consists of generating external links from reputable websites on the same subject in order to improve the reputation of your website in the eyes of Google. Indeed, Google favors sites with a strong reputation in its search results.

The objective of this strategy is therefore to gain popularity, ranking and audience.

How does it work?

  • Define a strategy aligned with your objectives
    Target relevant pages: not all pages are subject to netlinking.
  • Analyze the positions of your pages as well as those of your competitors.
  • Deduction of the number of links to buy:
  • Quality and profile of the selected link
    The price (the price is not necessarily a guarantee of success!)
  • Look for quality backlinks
    Research phase and comparison of several indicators:
  • Your subject
    Domain Authority
    Confidence Flow and Citation Flow
  1. verification of the anchors of the sponsored articles ordered, in addition to the drafting of the netlinking report carried out internally by the netlinking teams.

You have the last word, you validate the content of the link as well as the content of the page, you tell us yes or no and we continue.

Monitoring the performance of your netlinking campaign
Position gains on selected keywords

By monitoring your links, you are always up to date…

A platform allows you to directly measure the impact of your netlinking campaign thanks to daily monitoring of positions.

A netlinking agency to develop your netlinking strategy and campaign

Do you have a website, an e-commerce site or a blog and you want to increase your visibility on the web? Then, you must put in place a sustainable SEO strategy based on the 3 main levers of natural referencing: technique, content and netlinking. This last lever is the most powerful of all because it really forges the popularity of a domain name. It is the link between all the optimizations carried out on the site. Although it is the most powerful, it is also the riskiest. When it comes to networking, there is a before and an after 2012! Indeed, it was in 2012 that the Google Penguin filter, responsible for controlling artificial backlinks, was introduced. Now, artificially created links by advertisers and SEOs are scrutinized by bots and can result in a severe algorithmic penalty across the entire domain. Therefore, the implementation of a netlinking strategy should be entrusted to a netlinking agency, which will be able to assess your existing link profile and find different opportunities for relevant and safe backlinks.

Lire  SEO: an essential part of web marketing

What Benefits Do Link Building Agencies Offer?

In order to create a network of backlinks and improve the popularity of a website, netlinking agencies implement a link building strategy. This methodology makes it possible to obtain links that meet Google’s criteria.