How much does a blog post on the netlinking platform cost?

To improve your site’s exposure in search engines and to improve your SEO ranking on Google, Bing, Yandex, Baidu (and any other search engine) It is crucial to consider using netlinking (the practice of to acquire links from other websites (backlinks)). To simplify the process, netlinking platforms now allow users to buy links to increase your SEO. How to choose the right platform to buy links? Here is a list of 10 Link Building Platforms That Can Help You Get Quality Links

Choice: 5 complementary web link platforms

Too busy to read the whole article? Here is a selection of five complementary web-based linking platforms:

  1. to quickly buy links on articles already placed;
  2. Develink to access a catalog and quality service;
  3. Access link to buy links at a lower cost;
  4. getfluence to receive links on premium media;
  5. SEMjuice to give your campaign full control and receive pricing that is not set by the publisher, but by the algorithm.

What is netlinking?

A netlinking platform, also known as a site for buying or selling links, is a website designed to connect advertisers (link buyers) with website owners (link sellers).

The goal for the advertiser is to obtain quality links in exchange for compensation and for the website owner to earn money from their followers (and the credibility of their website).

Ten netlinking platforms to buy links

To help you in your search for most reliable netlinking platforms who are, we have established a selection of 10 websites that allow you to buy hypertext links in France and in other languages.

(PS The platforms aren’t ranked in order of preference, but each has its particular pros and cons).

11., a site specializing in the purchase of links for articles already placed in SEO. was the first netlinking platform to focus only on a specific segment: thepurchase of links from existing content, already placed in SEO for keywords.

The advertiser can search the pages where he can buy the link using a keyword.

To make a decision on the best option, he must know several details like the amount of keywords that the page where you can buy a link is located and the “power” of the page, the type of site and the cost of the link .

Advantages of Nextlevel

  • Pages for which links are purchased through NextLevel are those with minimal exposure on Google and no other links from other sources;
  • The list of sites on NextLevel is large and consists of websites from an unaffiliated network and third-party publishers.
  • Advertisers can configure alerts to be sent to new pages with referrals that meet their criteria.
  • Many filters are available to select relevant web pages.
  • Prices are usually lower than the cost of an entire item on other platforms (prices range from 45 EUR to over a hundred euros);
  • The creation of the paragraph for the insertion of the link is supervised by NextLevel editors in a short time;
  • If you would like to delegate full campaign administration for an initial three month commitment.
  • The disadvantages of NextLevel
    • There is no visibility on the domain in which the link is purchased before the link is published.
    • It is impossible to buy links for pages whose links are outgoing (which reduces the number of accessible pages for each domain).

22 Develink is a reliable netlinking platform, with expert assistance

With more than 20,000 French and international sites available, Develink distinguishes itself from other platforms by assigning each advertiser a personal advisor which can assist users in their netlinking activities (pre-selection of relevant domains according to their objectives, assistance via a chat function integrated into the platform, etc.).

Once the advertiser’s account is verified, they will be able to browse the recommended sites suggested by the advisor based on various criteria similar to those of other websites (search by keywords; price, edit categories, specific metrics, etc.). )

On request, access to the VIP catalog is available. Once Develink has validated the request, this access allows the advertiser to select their own list of websites and also to buy their content on a self-service basis.

As an official partner of Develink, if you register on their platform with the code LEPTIDIGITAL, you will automatically benefit from a 10% credit on your first purchase.

The advantages of Develink

  • The performance of the ad is accompanied by a consultant based on a pre-selection of relevant domains.
  • A chat system is integrated into the platform, allowing users to chat with your consultant;
  • Over 20,000 websites to choose from in a variety of topics in France and around the world;
  • A control of the indexation of purchased items is offered free of charge;
  • Each purchase link is periodically reviewed to ensure its authenticity;
  • The rates offered are well positioned compared to other platforms.
  • The Develscore provides an excellent assessment of the overall quality of a domain.
  • The advertiser has access to Netlinking experts through chat.
  • The advantages of Develink
    • The platform does not offer the possibility of writing articles to replace the editor or the advertiser.
    • The platform does not provide access to its catalog of sites immediately after the creation of the account. You have to make the request and then wait for Develink’s verification (this is a precaution to protect publishers).
    33 AccessLink the platform to buy SEO links at an affordable price.
  • AccessLink is a netlinking platform that is geared towards buying links at low prices. It is fascinating to get backlinks without spending hundreds of dollars and the platform is aimed at SEOs who want to diversify their backlink portfolio by acquiring inexpensive links. The prices of the links that are sold on the platform are only 10 euros and include writing. Many topics are covered by more than 4000 sites listed by the platform.
  • Benefits of AccessLink
    • Price of only 10EUR per link, including copywriting (the advertiser is not required to contribute);
    • Orders are processed quickly, usually within 48 hours.
    • Quick and easy ordering process;
    • The website on which the hyperlink will be displayed will be accessible to the public after the order has been placed;
    • More than 4000 websites are available in different languages, including French, English, Spanish, Italian, German.
    • Benefits of AccessLink
      • There is no information on the performance of the websites on which the hyperlinks will be placed before the moment of the order.
      • There is no information in the catalog of the site and the system chosen by the site where the link will be put.
      • There is no support available (but at this cost it is quite normal);
      • There are no premium spots on this platform (that’s not the main goal though, we need to identify some weaknesses).
      4- GetFluence is a premium web linking and content marketing platform.
    • Originally, it was an internet platform allowing advertisers to buy articles and sponsored links on a web of private sites, Getfluence has evolved considerably since its creation and is now an elite international network for content marketing and netlinking which operates in the French, English, Italian, Spanish and German markets. As a leading player, the site references many important media, some of which are only available within its catalog. One of Getfluence’s strengths is to offer advertisers features that go beyond “simple” sponsored content for SEO purposes.
    • THE advantages of GetFluence
      • Platform with a well-designed user interface;
      • Many premium media are referenced and available;
      • Each advertiser is accompanied by a professional
      • Possibility to buy sponsored articles in five languages.
      The advantages of GetFluence
      • It is no longer possible for the advertiser to consult the catalog of referenced sites and then make its decision independently;
      • Commissions that are high (some sites are more expensive going through Getfluence than going directly);
      5SEMjuice, a quality netlinking service that allows you to fully delegate your marketing.
    • SEMjuice is one of the platforms that offer a fully delegated administration of web linking campaigns. The process is quite simple: the advertiser simply communicates to SEMjuice the goals they want to achieve and the URLs they want to reference and SEMjuice offers them suggestions of websites and anchors that will help them achieve their goals. What sets SEMjuice apart from its competitors is the JuiceFlow algorithm which rates the quality of websites and rates them every month to establish the cost of an item. This indicator allows advertisers to receive a standard price based on the type of website (Strawberry, Grape, Kiwi, Orange, Pineapple, Watermelon, Custom). The prices per article vary between 22.5 euros (excl. VAT), including copywriting, and 700 euros (excl. VAT) and more.
    • Benefits of SEMjuice
      • Total service from start to finish, and fully delegated management of the netlinking campaign;
      • SEMjuice takes care of writing the articles;
      • It is the SEMjuice platform that decides the price and not the publisher. The prices are standardized according to the same criteria and are generally more advantageous for advertisers than on other platforms.
      • Articles are of good quality and generally include a variety of media.
      Benefits of SEMjuice
      • There was no visibility on the requested sites before the article was published, even before the quote date.
      • The price of the publication is determined directly by the platform. Publishers therefore cannot negotiate it.
      6- RocketLinks a historic netlinking platform
    • With more than 30,000 sites on its platform, and more than 150,000 sponsored articles published since its launch in 2010, Rocket Links was theone of the first netlinking platforms available. Today, the site allows you to buy sponsored content with backlinks as well as links to pages already in place; this site offers a range of diversified websites at affordable costs. Unlike other platforms, RocketLinks leaves its catalog accessible, which means that advertisers can freely choose the websites they want to work with thanks to the numerous search criteria.
    • Benefits of RocketLinks
      • The use of the platform is free after validation of the advertiser’s account
      • After the article is published, the link is checked automatically for 30 days.
      • Many filtering options are available to identify the most relevant websites based on your preferences;
      • A chat system built into the system allows advertisers to exchange information with publishers;
      • The prices offered on the platform are set to be compared to those of other platforms.
      Benefits of RocketLinks
      • The process of registering as an advertiser on the platform will require manual verification of the account by a RocketLinks representative as well as a video meeting (this is essential to safeguard publishers, but is a bit burdensome for advertisers which must be pressed);
      7- Ereferer, a netlinking platform with a favorable price-quality ratio.
    • Ereferer is an all-inclusive netlinking system suitable for SEOs who want to run their campaigns independently. It provides a wide range of information on referenced domains and a variety of sorting options, it allows advertisers to precisely select the most relevant domains for their campaign from an extensive list of more than 15,000 referenced sites. Besides buying links, Ereferer also offers copywriting services (it is also possible to buy copywriting services without integrating them into an online link campaign).
    • Advantages of Ereferer
      • Ability to group purchases to reduce backlink costs
      • Ability to buy directory links;
      • Writing and netlinking platform It is possible to outsource the writing of a guest article sponsored by Erefer directly to Erefer;
      • Many filters make it possible to precisely filter the catalog of sites referenced in free access;
      • To facilitate searches on websites The platform uses an extremely efficient filter that can quickly respond to requests from publishers. In addition, it offers an effective tool that improves the netlinking strategies of advertisers’ sites.
      • The prices on the site are fixed;
      • Many premium media are used as references;
      • Possibility to buy items in six different languages ​​(French, English, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese).
      • The benefits of Ereferer
        • It is not possible to delegate the management of the campaign (this platform is particularly suitable for users who wish to manage their campaigns internally);
        88 Linksgarden, a profitable netlinking platform
      • Newer in creation than most of the other platforms mentioned in this post, Linksgarden is also a excellent alternative because it offers articles with an acceptable quality/price ratio, and 3000 exclusive domains from a network of private blogs. In addition to purchasing items, Linksgarden allows its advertisers tobuy links from already placed pages in referencing. It also allows tobuy links for the whole site or for the house. The platform provides users with a pleasant experience, but it offers very few quality sites for buying links. Benefits of Linksgarden:
        • The interface for users is simple to navigate and clear. On first use, advertising clients are guided through the process.
        • The platform is offered in a self-service version and in delegated management.
        • Prices are affordable Many spots are available for less than 100 euros.
        Disadvantages Linksgarden:
        • Only a small part of domain URLs is accessible in self-service mode and without prior purchase of links;
        • It is not possible to locate domains using keywords, but it is possible to search for domains based on categories.
        • The purchase of products is only available in French and only a small number of spots are available in English;
        • The majority of referenced domains are blogs created on expired domains, which are only intended to sell hyperlinks;
        • It is not possible to filter domains that are displayed in a very sophisticated way with advanced filters.
        • Linksgarden is not able to provide information on site traffic data, and mainly provides information from MajesticSEO such as TrustFlow, CitationFlow or the number of referenced domains.
      • In 2021, was launched. is one of the few netlinking platforms to have appeared on the French market. Its distinctive strategy? A quality user experience that delights advertisers and publishers. Access is free for advertisers Purchases are made completely independently, without the intervention of an intermediary. To date, more than 10,000 sites have been referenced on this site for the sale of sponsored articles. The benefits of PaperClub:
        • The user interface is very clean and easy to use.
        • More than 10,000 sites are available to self-service advertisers;
        • A search engine meeting multiple criteria allows you to sort the most interesting websites.
        • Cons of PaperClub:
          • PaperClub does not manage the writing of texts. It is supported by the publisher.
          • The advertiser cannot subcontract the administration of its netlinking campaigns;
          1010 A netlinking platform with a network of 100% private sites
        • is a netlinking platform specializing in the purchase of links through a network that includes more than 10,0000 private sites, including 7,000 exclusively. stands out from other platforms by offering a semantic matching algorithm that detects the most relevant ads based on the advertiser’s site. Benefits of Netlinking. Fr :
          • Advertisers can use the self-service platform, or delegate the management of their campaigns;
          • Prices are affordable worldwide and vary from 35 to 250 EUR including tax, but without copywriting;
          • Advertisers have the option of writing their own content if they do not wish to delegate the writing work to the platform.
          • offers a semantic matching algorithm that allows advertisers to automatically find the most relevant sites.
          • THE negative points of
            • The advertiser is not visible on the sites where the hyperlinks will be displayed before placing the order.
            • The websites available for campaigns are almost exclusively designed for netlinking campaigns.
            Other netlinking platforms as a bonus If this list of 10 platforms is not enough for you, know that there are many others in France and around the world. Here are some other options that you could also try in case you want to:
            • French market: Boosterlink, Submit,,, Netlinka, Dealerdetemps,, VIPseo, 1ereplace, SEOpepper…
            • International market: SeedingUp, Whitepress, Coobis, Leolytics, …
            • Netlinking platforms: What you need to know before buying links Before considering buying links to help your SEO strategy, it is important to know the concept of netlinking and the risks associated with this method. If you are already familiar with the topic, feel free to leave this article and head straight to the list of the best sites to buy backlinks Currently. What is the objective of the netlinking strategy? The objective of a netlinking plan is toincrease the amount of quality links which must be dofollow, also called “backlinks” which point to your site and its various strategic pages, without overdoing it to avoid any manual or algorithmic penalty by Google.
            • Why are links important in SEO strategy? With links from third-party sites, your “popularity” and “authority”, as perceived by Google, gradually increase as you get quality links. Gradually, if your website pages are properly optimized using proper SEO practices for your website, you will notice your SEO rankings increase. A backlink is considered by Google to be what could be described as a “vote” for your website. So, the more backlinks you have, the more your site will be recognized. Google will gradually trust you more and your site will be more likely to be found in organic results.
            • Why use a netlinking platform? With netlinking platforms, you can get links from third-party sites faster and easier. Here are five reasons to use platforms in your netlinking strategy:
              • 1- Accessible and free catalogs of websites open to the purchase of links The first advantage of these platforms is their massive catalog of websites (several thousand sites) which greatly facilitates the management of netlinks campaigns. While not all offer access, some are available on a self-service basis and are extremely useful for professionals looking to filter websites based on their specific preferences.
              • 2- A variety of filters to choose the most suitable domains for links: on platforms with a list of sites accessible to advertisers, a variety of filters are available to refine your search according to your requirements (Trust Flow, number of domains referring to each other, traffic, cost of content, etc).
              • 3. Centralize your purchase and billing managing the purchase and billing of a large number of backlinks directly from webmasters can be quite time-consuming, which is why one of the main objectives of these platforms is to concentrate this management.
              • 4- Prices can be better than live some platforms negotiate the prices of sponsored content for you to ensure prices that you could not find by contacting the owner of the website directly. (Not all platforms can do this, and some offer higher prices than live due to the commission they receive on each transaction).
              • 5. Delegate the complete administration of your netlinking strategy More and more netlinking platforms offer complete control of the link acquisition campaign. They are not specifically designed for advertisers, this choice is nevertheless interesting because Of course, the purchase of backlinks does not only have advantages, but among the disadvantages, we could mention the problems of transparency concerning the websites where the links are posted and often significant commissions.
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What are the dangers of using an online backlink buying platform? How to reduce them?

Since 2012, using the Google Penguin algorithm, and manual measurements, Google automatically algorithmically and occasionally manually penalizes websites that flagrantly violate quality guidelines for link acquisition.

Although buying links is not officially accepted by Google and is considered an act that tricks its algorithms (“fake hyperlinks”) When this method is implemented correctly, the chances of being penalized are generally quite low.

here are some tips to minimize the risks of using an affiliate buying platform:

  • Beware of buying links from sites with no traffic and only post articles that sell links (unfortunately, not all platforms allow domain verification before purchase);
  • Avoid over-optimizing the anchors of links that point to your website. It is recommended to diversify your link anchors and include non-optimized anchors, branded anchors, and semi-optimized anchors.
  • Avoid buying many links at once, especially when creating a new website. It is suggested to do an ongoing process of acquiring backlinks.