Buying SEO links already positioned the advantages at

When it comes to SEO, one of the key factors in standing out from competitors and getting to the top of the page is use backlinks. Indeed, once all the optimizations of your website are completed, the content has been well designed and improved, you are ready to use the netlinking lever to earn places in the leaderboard and get to the top of the page. Inbound links or links pointing to your website are essential. A remarkable statistic is that 97% of URLs receive no inbound links. Therefore, getting links is crucial because they don’t come to your website by chance.

The purchase of a hyperlink already placed

The term “positioned” refers to a link that is placed, but what is it exactly? Unlike traditional netlinking which involves creating a new article on a subject related to your site and then placing it in Google, a positioned link is inserted into an existing article and is mainly present in Google. The article can be placed on a keyword or a combination of keywords that are between the 1st and the 100th position. The better your page is located, the greater the value of the hyperlink. But’effect is faster and more effective for your referencing.

Indeed, since the link is placed in a page that is already placed, you do not need to wait for the process of indexing and examination by search engines.

In addition to this, adding the content of the page as well as an outgoing link to the page is a positive indication. This link is considered faster, and the page will always be promoted to give more power.

When should you buy a positioned link?

A solid netlinking strategy builds over time and is based on the budget you set for marketing. The assistance of an SEO consultant or a web agency can help with the purchase of backlinks in your business.

If you choose to go it alone with your SEO link buying strategy, you can use websites to buy links. As a first option, start by creating new content that includes links to your web pages. You will need to track the quality of the links you receive and the positions you have achieved. In the next step, you can buy links that have already been positioned to backlink to underperforming pages to move them to higher levels.

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So there is no need to immediately buy links from websites that rank in the top 10. At the search engine level, the type of link to a site that has few or none at all could be considered an anomaly and significantly decrease the effectiveness of the link you obtained. On the other hand, you can get links that are placed between the top 80 and the top 50, then increase their strength as you progress.


SEO, also known as search engine optimization, is the procedure of optimizing a website for Google search to increase the amount of site traffic and improve its visibility on the site. . There are many ways to buy SEO, such as hiring an SEO expert or company, buying backlinks (buying SEO links), and buying targeted ads with keywords. keys. It is essential to keep in mind that organic SEO results take time and effort. There is no guarantee that your website will be able to rank higher just because you have employed certain SEO techniques. Instead, think of SEO as an investment that will continue to improve your site’s effectiveness and visibility and will pay off over time as your website increases traffic and credibility.

In the end, thepurchase of positioned links is a good idea and part of a larger netlinking strategy. Unlike traditional netlinking platforms, there is no need to know SEO metrics or acronyms like DA or TF, CF TTF, DA or whatever. These indicators, which help SEO consultants make informed decisions, require expertise because they may be insufficient. By buying links from pages that are already visible in search results, you will be sure to make a worthwhile investment in your SEO.