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In case you didn’t know, the NextLevel link selling platform also sells a handy website where you can sell your links on the platform yourself. But maybe you don’t know NextLevel yet?

NextLevel sells links to placement keywords

The entrance of NextLevel in the link selling market was a shock. In fact, what the platform does is sell links to articles that are already in place on Google, and add long texts, like 200 words, to further contextualize the links. To maximize the page’s potential, the link being sold should be the only link in the item (unless the customer is ordering two links). Yes, for those unfamiliar with these techniques, getting topic links from Google’s indexed pages can improve your landing page position.

Sites that sell links were happy to sell “new” articles, but by definition they weren’t ranked or indexed, but NextLevel revolutionized the market. Since then, many link selling platforms have had the opportunity to purchase links to content that has been indexed and placed…

To buy links on your site, you must first register for free on https.
// Access an extensive library of articles. Various search fields are available, but keyword search is the most obvious. Enter a keyword you want to rank for, and you’ll be presented with a list of articles where that keyword or variations of it have previously ranked on Google. Sell ​​ sites
The core of NextLevel relied solely on the pages of the Korleon Biz agency. A customer bought a link on the platform and landed on one of the NextLevel network pages.

The network of sites was then opened up to partners whose sites met the selection criteria (number of referring domains, aesthetics, etc.). This has expanded and diversified the sites from which links can be purchased. Partners receive 50% of sales. And then one day a service, still in beta to this day, appeared that sells websites.

Selling your NextLevel Network site to affiliates is another great idea for starting an affiliate or adding to your site portfolio for link sales., website purchase

Purchasing your first NextLevel website gives you access to vast resources, but you have to take the plunge. Also, buying a site for hundreds of dollars without knowing the domain name is not so easy if you are not used to this kind of practice. Yes, if you register as an affiliate with https:
//, you will see a list like this:

Your selection criteria are the subject, the majority of sites sold are generalist, the number of “MC” keywords indexed not only in the database but also on Seobserver, the number of link orders you have already received, and is the trading volume. And, of course, the price of the site on which to buy.

Of course, site manager Julien Jimenez posts tweets from time to time inviting you to contact him by direct message for a list of sites for sale.

If you’re buying a website for the first time, there’s no need to risk a $99, $199, or even $299 website.

Indeed, the sites for sale are delivered as follows:

Have at least 20 RD (referring domains present in Majestic SEO);
The number of items is variable, but with these tariff generalists it can be 100, 200 or more items.
It’s probably an expired domain with several years of history.
If you know that without a network of personal sites, a special article backlink (link to your website) will cost at least 10€, and 20€ to integrate NextLevel, you will find these prices very advantageous.

Lire  Wordpress, the reference tool for creating and developing a website

Reasons to buy the site

In addition to buying an already indexed site at a very reasonable price, your articles will be “ranked” (placed on Google), a domain name long known to search engines, in bulk You also buy access to resources valuable, like inbound links for NextLevel Discord is modestly called “ – The Elite”.

Install sites purchased from NextLevel

Just being able to access Discord is worth more than the hundreds of dollars you pay for the site you bought it from.

Buying a Website from NextLevel ABSOLUTE Web has created the following video tutorial for those who want to know how to install a website on their hosting after buying a website from

This video explains in detail all the necessary steps from buying a site on NextLevel to being able to login to manage your newly cloned WordPress on hosting. The video mentions O2Switch hosting, widely used by the site’s publishers, but the price jumps from €72 including tax to €100.80 including tax. O2Switch hosting is always cheap because you can host multiple sites with one account. We recommend that you do not exceed 25 sites.

To summarize the video, when you purchase a NextLevel site, your domain name will be transferred to the InternetBS registrar (account required) and an archive of the WordPress Duplicator extension will be provided to you (free). Once you have configured your hosting space, domain name, database, Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate, etc., you can store your Duplicator archive in your O2Switch space. Via FTP as shown in the video or, more simply, directly from the “file manager” of O2Switch. You will still need to access the Duplicator installer from the new website URL and follow the instructions at the end of the video to finally access the administration of the website you purchased from NextLevel .link it hours or minutes ago.

What should I do after purchasing a website with NextLevel?

Even if the site you are buying from has certain keywords in the NextLevel database that are driving sales, you still need to put effort into maximizing your chances of selling links to that site.

Luckily, you can take advantage of many exclusive PDF files to boost your website and sales. Our SEO specialists regularly publish PDFs explaining how to increase your income at NextLevel. There are often tips and tricks. You can also count on the good advice and motivation of the NextLevel community in a special Discord.

And icing on the cake, all this is available from your first purchase on the site, including a site at 99 euros! Do you see the added value?

So, without revealing your secrets, you can start working on your website in the following way.

  • Modification of the legal notices by you;
  • Be careful to remove unsold links in articles. Articles must not contain links to be marketable.
  • Replace your WordPress theme with a more modern and optimized theme (Generate Press, Astra, etc.).
  • Removal and/or replacement of unnecessary or obsolete extensions.
  • Improved indexed articles without content.
  • Rearrange items into appropriate categories.
  • etc..

You can then start publishing new articles based on the list of needs expressed by your customers in the partner area. You can even reveal your needs to members only on our dedicated Discord channel!