A few tips for developing your website

Creating a website is only the first step of a long journey if you want it to generate income that will not only be used to supplement your end of the month. The number of websites present on the web is currently around the astronomical figure of 4.6 billion. It is therefore crucial to know the different means that will allow you not only to make your site more visible in this vast ocean, but also those to use to retain your visitors.

web design

The first element to consider to ensure the success of your site is its aesthetics as well as its ergonomics. This is more professionally called “web design”. To make your visitors want to stay on your site for a long time, to discover it and to come back to it, your website must not only be pleasant to look at, but also pleasant to use. A good web design therefore aims to make the site more interesting from an aesthetic point of view, more readable, but also clearer. Another aspect of web design often overlooked by website owners is not creating a web design for mobile devices, especially smartphones. Know that there are as many people surfing daily on their smartphone as on a computer. By devoting a format of your website dedicated to this type of device, your site will be more likely to reach more people in addition to retaining them.


The second element that should not be neglected to increase the popularity of your website is its ranking in the search engine results pages. This is of crucial importance when it comes to visibility. Indeed, all Internet users go through search engines, whether to find a service, obtain a product, or simply to get information. Unless they already know the website on which is what they are looking for. Your website will therefore have a better chance of being visited if it appears on the first page of results of the various search engines when a request corresponding to its domain is made by Internet users. To achieve this, you will need to SEO the site. SEO is the set of techniques used to improve the ranking of a website on different search engines. For this, you will have two options: either to use SEO (Search Engine Optimization), or SEA (Search Engine Advertising). SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a type of SEO strategy aimed at optimizing the content of a website to make it more relevant to search engines. Search engines rely on certain criteria to generate their results during a query. SEO, also called “natural referencing” has the advantage of being free. SEA (Search Engine Advertising, a type of SEO strategy that consists of buying predefined queries from search engines or even carrying out sponsored link campaigns. “Paid SEO” or SEA is more effective and easier to implement. implemented, but can be quite expensive.

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